Reception and removal of containers

The company «A-Terminal» offers services for the reception and removal of laden containers in Novosibirsk and the delivery of containers to the recipient. Acceptance of containers is carried out at stations Kleshchikha, Novosibirsk-Vostochny, Inya-Vostochnaya.

We provide all container handling activities: registration of transportation documents, payment for station services, crane works, delivery to the destination and return of empty containers by our own vehicle fleet and storage of containers at our own terminal and partner warehouses. We transport all types of containers: 5 tons, 10 tons, 20 and 40-feet.

We have our own container park, which guarantees their serviceability, excellent technical condition.

In order to order the service it is necessary to fill out an application on the site with the container number, cargo name, date and place of unloading (normative documents).

Learn the cost of transportation

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